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Cod Liver in its own Oil 120g

Cod Liver in its own Oil 120g

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Cod liver is incredibly tasty and one of the most nutritious items from the ocean!  Full of minerals and omega's.

It has a mild salty flavor and it tastes and smells absolutely nothing like cod liver oil.

Cod liver reminds of a healthier and tastier gourmet pâté. Its smooth and subtle.



Cod liver is not as popular as its supplement (probably due to lack of marketing), but we plan to change that!  This should be a staple in every human's diet!! This very nutrious seafood snack is very high in omega 3s, and DHA.

Cod liver in its own oil. Source of omega 3 polyunsaturates. 100% natural, no preservatives, no colors, no MSG,


Cod liver in its own oil, salt.

Product of Iceland

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