How to prepare mussels

How to prepare mussels

Mussels are a popular dish worldwide and are commonly eaten in the colder months of the year. We are about to give you some tips about preparing and eating mussels so next time you would be able to impress your date.

Mussels are sold here and should be live and their shells should be tightly closed. If you see one that is open, tap it or squeeze it and wait to see if the shell closes - this will mean it is still alive and safe to eat. Sometimes you can find frozen mussels, if you can't get live ones, then the frozen ones will have to do!

They should smell fresh, like a fresh sea smell. Avoid the ones that smell fishy. 

And finally, you should be getting about 1 lb per person if the mussels are the main dish.

Bonus tip: Try the delicious BC Honey Mussels or Saltspring Mussels. The honeys are massive with a really good meat fill, and both are plump and deliciously sweet!

How to prepare?

Before cooking them, scrape off any barnacles and rinse them under cold water. Remember to discard any mussel if it’s open or it has a broken shell. There are many different ways to cook mussels so this one is just one quick easy way to do it.

Simmer the mussels for about 5 minutes in a hot pan with white wine, chives and a squeeze of lemon juice. Et voilà! 

Super easy and very impressive way to cook mussels. This delicious way to cook mussels will give you a lot of compliments because it’s a great appetizer. 

As an option, you can serve them with crusty bread. 

How to Eat Mussels?

There’s many ways to do this as well but here’s our recommendation. Use an empty mussel shell to pinch out the meat of the mussels and then just pop them in your mouth. 

You can discard the empty shells in a separate bowl and you can have an extra bowl with warm water and lemon to rinse your fingers during the meal. 

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Bon Appétit!

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