Keto Fish Recipe

Keto Fish Recipe

The famous ketogenic diet is basically a low-carb diet that people follow for different reasons, like weight loss or certain health conditions. 



But we’re not here to discuss the pros and cons about this diet. If you’re following a keto diet, or maybe just about to start, you already know how it works. 



We are here today to help you cook a delicious fish recipe that complies with everything to be considered keto. Yeah, we have a keto fish recipe coming up.

Most fish is known for being low-carb protein source and precisely for that reason it is the perfect ingredient to include in your keto meals. We are going to avoid the high-carb ingredients such as bread crumbs, noodles, bread, etc. 



Okay, before you get your apron ready it’s time to go gather all the ingredients we are going to need for this mouthwatering recipe. 

2 pieces of halibut (or substitute with almost any other ocean fin fish)

Salt and pepper

3 tbsp sour cream

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 dill weed (dried dill leaves)

2 tbsp parmesan cheese (finely ground)

3 tbsp sliced green onion



If your halibut is frozen, thaw it overnight in your fridge. Next day, dry it with paper towels and let it come to room temperature and while you prep the other ingredients, preheat your oven to 190 C (375 F).


Slice 3 tbsp green onions, then measure 2 tbsp and finely chop them. Reserve the remaining sliced onions to garnish the cooked dish.



Now mix the sour cream, garlic powder, dill weed, parmesan cheese and the green onion you just finely chopped. For the dill weed you can also use fresh dill but just remember to increase the amount a little bit, the dried stuff is more potent.



When the halibut has come to room temperature, season each piece with salt and pepper. Afterwards, spread a thin layer of the sour cream mixture over the top of each piece of halibut with a rubber scraper. Make sure to have an even thickness of the topping across every piece of halibut.



Place the halibut in the oven for about 16-20 minutes (rule of thumb: 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness). This totally depends on the thickness of your fish. So just keep an eye on them. 



If you are using a different type of fish that is thinner they will cook faster so let them stay less time in the oven because you definitely do not want to overcook your dinner because overcooked seafood is not pleasant!



Finally, serve them hot on your plate and sprinkle the remaining of the sliced green onions. Once you finish cooking don’t forget to share a photo with us on instagram @7seasfishmarket .

Buon appetito!

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