Vancouver Michelin Restaurants

Vancouver Michelin Restaurants

On Thursday, October 27th 2022, Vancouver became the second Canadian destination in the famous Michelin Guide. This is one of the greatest awards a restaurant can receive and we couldn't be more excited about it, so we thought, why not give a shout-out to the 8 amazing restaurants that got one Michelin star? Also, we will share some of the seafood dishes that they offer with their prices at the time of writing this.




AnnaLena - Chef Michael Robbins


AnnaLena offers in their Menu “Chapter 58” 


Poached mussels, blue cheese white wine broth

butter confit radish, garlic torn bread.





Barbara - Chef Patrick Hennessy


At Barbara, we can find the Arctic Char on the menu and it sounds super tasty. 


Arctic char

Hummus, Lemon Brown Butter, Pine nuts, Mint & dill, pomegranate vin





Burdock & Co. - Chef Andrea Carlson


We can find scallops at Burdock & Co. And also add some caviar with tarragon tater tots. Yummy!



Smoked mussel XO, Nero tondo radish cake, sake butter.




Northern divine Caviar

Tarragon tater tots, creme fraiche. 


Add $65 for this caviar treat.



iDen & Quan Ju de Beijing Duck House - Chef Allen Ren


iDen & Quan Ju De Beijing Duck house has a big selection of seafood. We put our eyes on the truffled scallops and prawns because they sound like a super tasty option.


Truffled Scallops & Prawns





Kissa Tanto - Chef Joel Watanabe


Now, Kissa Tanto offers a sablefish that probably it’s to die for. We are looking forward to trying it.



Nankin oyster mushrooms, chilli salmoriglio, marinated currants, pine nuts, sunchoke puree.





Masayoshi - Chef Masayoshi Baba


Chef Masayoshi offers just the best selection of fish and we are positive this is a great dining experience.


Nigiri Omasake

Appetizer, 10 Pieces Nigiri, Miso Soup, Dessert





Published on Main - Chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson


We checked the menu of Published on Main and the steelhead dish got our attention right away. 



Lightly smoked steelhead trout with fine herbs mantle, nori potato and a spirulina butter sauce.





St. Lawrence - Chef Jean-Christophe Poirier



The 7-course menu at St. Lawrence offers a yummy sockeye salmon dish as a starter that you can pair up with poached cod as the main plate. This course also includes the dessert so save some space for it.


Confit sockeye salmon, fennel, pickled lemons & smoked butter sauce.


Main plate

Poached cod with shrimp mousseline, mussels, leeks & cream white wine sauce.





These restaurants have been selected based on a variety of factors, including the quality of their ingredients, the skill and creativity of their chefs, and the overall dining experience they offer to guests. The Michelin Guide is widely regarded as the ultimate authority on fine dining, and the inclusion of these Vancouver restaurants is a testament to the city's thriving food scene.


Apart from these 8 restaurants, another 12 restaurants were awarded the Bib Gourmand destination, which translates to great food and great value where customers can have 2 courses and wine or dessert for less than $60.


  • Anh and Chi– 3388 Main Street
  • Chupito – 322 West Hastings Street
  • Fable Kitchen – 1944 West 4th Avenue
  • Fiorino, Italian Street Food – 212 East Georgia Street
  • Kin Kao Song – 317 East Broadway Street
  • Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer – 2958 West 4th Avenue
  • Lunch Lady – 1046 Commercial Drive
  • Nightshade – 1079 Mainland Street
  • Oca Pastificio – 1260 Commercial Drive
  • Phnom Penh – 244 East Georgia Street
  • Say Mercy! – 4298 Fraser Street
  • Vij’s – 3106 Cambie Street



Also, 40 “Recommended” restaurants, meaning that they all offer simple, good food.



As a reminder, the menu in all these restaurants it's always changing so please check their current menu when you go. These are just the dishes that got our attention, and we are looking forward to trying them all, but they do offer a big selection of different types of food. If you have been to any of these restaurants and want to share some photos please tag us @7seasfishmarket on Instagram.

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