7 Seas Oyster Platters

7 Seas Oyster Platters

Who doesn’t like to sit down and enjoy dozen (or more) ice-cold oysters?


Well, we hear you! That’s why we are so thrilled to announce our 7 Seas oyster platter. We are confident that after trying these fresh oysters you will be coming back for more, time and time again! 


And not only because oysters are a great balanced food with so many benefits for your health, but also because our in-house chef carefully designed an outstanding cocktail sauce that goes perfect with them, helping to create an amazing experience for you!


If you still need more reasons to get your platter, you can find below some of the benefits of oysters and more details about these delicious mollusks.

Oyster Benefits


It’s known that an oyster can have up to 2g of protein (depending on its size). If we do the math, we will see that only a half-dozen oysters can, potentially,  deliver 12 grams of protein. 


That’s right! Oysters are not only protein-rich but also low in calories yet loaded with nutrients. A medium-sized oyster only has around 50 calories, so if we do the math again, that translates to just 300 calories in half a dozen. 


Sometimes we don’t eat the right food that contains all the nutrients that our body needs, and guess what? Yeah, oysters are a rich source of a lot of key nutrients. Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron and Vitamin B12 are just a few of them. These are vitamins and minerals that men and women alike can become deficient with age or some other medical reasons. 

Like Surfing in Tofino


Here at 7 Seas, we serve the best oysters our supply chain can find.


We are currently boasting the best of Vancouver Island and the ONLY commercially viable oyster from the west coast of Vancouver Island.


That’s right, most “west coast” BC oysters come from the east coast of vancouver island which is open to the Salish Sea.


So these ones from Barkley Sound (open to the Pacific Ocean) and probably the cleanest tasting west coast oysters. AND, they are authentically from the west coast.


They are known as Effingham oysters and they are the only oysters to hail from the West side of Vancouver Island with real access to the Pacific Ocean. 


The taste is the perfect balance of meatiness, creaminess, and brininess.  It pretty much tastes like surfing in Tofino. And they are harvested not too far from there!


Since these oysters come from the west side of Vancouver Island, they are not as susceptible to the vibrio or red tide that the typical east side oysters get. Effingham oyster is available year-round, so you can be confident this oyster will maintain its premium quality no matter the season of the year.



Start enjoying!

Don’t wait anymore and order your 7 Seas oyster platter. In addition to the super tasty red sauce, our platters come with lemons and you can add on some horseradish and raspberry mignonette if available.


These platters will be perfect for your gatherings or to take and enjoy by your favorite beach, to be honest, they are good to go for any occasion you want. 


Don’t hesitate to ask us about any kind of customization, we will be happy to help you.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts about these gems of the sea.

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