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Oysters Effingham Cultured Oceanwise

Oysters Effingham Cultured Oceanwise

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Enjoy these tasty fresh morsels on its own or with some condiments and wow your guests.

The Effinghams are the only oyster to hail from the WEST SIDE of Vancouver Island with real access to the Pacific Ocean (as opposed to the Salish Sea on the east side of the island!). For this reason, these oysters are NOT proned to the vibrio or red tide that the typical east side oysters get.

We believe that once you try these oysters, they will quickly become your favorite BC oyster!

Try them as: oyster rockefeller, oyster soup, oyster motoyaki, or shuck and eat eaw, pan fry with flour or panko as is, or make into an oyster Po'Boy!

NOTE: Sauces are not included but they are available for purchase at the time pick up or here in the Condiments & Sauces section. 

Effingham Oysters

Location: Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Latin: Crassostrea gigas

Catch: Aquacultured Flip Farmed

Fisherman/Source: Canadian Seafood Processing Inc

Seasonality: Year Round

Texture: Plump & Juicy

Color: Beige

Flavor: Very clean with a delicate flavor, and briny. Tastes like surfing in Tofino!


What to do with it:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Grill
  • Sauté
  • Smoke
  • On the Half-shell

Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil
  • Super high in Zinc

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