A West Coast Spin on a Traditional Dish

A West Coast Spin on a Traditional Dish

Gefilte Fish is a classic Jewish dish steeped in tradition and rich in flavour. It's more than just food – it's a piece of culinary heritage that brings families together during feasts and festivals.

What is Gefilte Fish?

At its core, traditional gefilte fish is a mixture of ground fish, usually carp, pike, or whitefish, blended with onions, eggs, and seasoning, then poached to perfection to form quenelles.

At 7 Seas Fish Market you’ll find a delightful twist on the classic, as we infuse it with the local bounty. Our adaptation uses the vibrant sockeye salmon and the robust snapper, presenting a version of gefilte fish that not only honours its roots but also includes the fresh notes of the Pacific. It's a culinary crossover where tradition meets tide, and every bite is a taste of the West Coast.

Health Benefits

Gefilte fish offers an array of health benefits, serving as an excellent source of high-quality protein necessary for bodily repair and the growth of muscle mass. Consuming protein-rich foods such as gefilte fish can help in maintaining muscle health and supporting a robust metabolic rate, which contributes to overall fitness and weight management.

Additionally, this dish is often made from fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats are crucial for maintaining heart health, supporting neurological development, and reducing inflammation in the body. They're associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases and can support brain health, potentially improving mood and cognitive function. Including gefilte fish in one's diet can contribute to a balanced nutritional intake, offering significant health advantages.

Gefilte Fish Facts

This dish originated in Eastern Europe when creative cooks sought to extend precious resources, making fish last through the Sabbath. They ground up bits that might otherwise be discarded, blending them with breadcrumbs and egg to bind it all, forming the gefilte fish we know today.

For over a quarter of a century, 7 Seas Fish Market has been mastering the art of holiday fish preparation, turning each serving of gefilte into a celebration of flavour and history. We honour the age-old recipes while infusing each bite with a modern twist. Whether for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, or a family gathering, our gefilte fish is more than a dish – it's a celebration!


  1. What fish are best for gefilte fish? Ideal choices include mild white fish such as carp, pike, or whitefish. For a local twist, 7 Seas Fish Market recommends West Coast sockeye salmon and snapper.
  2. How is the West Coast version unique? The West Coast take features local fish like sockeye salmon and snapper, adding a fresh, Pacific flair to the traditional recipe.
  3. Can you give gefilte fish a modern update? Absolutely! Think quinoa blends, spicy horseradish infusions, or even a sushi-style roll.
  4. How do I keep my gefilte fish moist and flavourful? Gentle poaching and ample moisture-retaining ingredients such as eggs and onions are key.
  5. Is gefilte fish only for special occasions? While traditionally it’s for holidays, the health benefits make it a great choice for any meal.
  6. Can I make gefilte fish ahead of time? Yes, it's perfect for preparing in advance and tastes even better after a day in the fridge as the flavours meld.

Gefilte fish is much more than a dish – it's a treasure brimming with nourishment and steeped in heritage. This culinary classic is a testament to tradition with a wealth of nutrients and the ability to adapt from old-world charm to new-world flair.

Ready to take a taste of this legacy? 7 Seas Fish Market is your go-to, with over 25 years of experience preparing gefilte fish with fresh, local ingredients. Call ahead to place your order and let this beloved tradition grace your next gathering!

For the full recipe, visit https://7seasfishmarket.com/blogs/7seasfishmarketblog/west-coast-sockeye-snapper-gefilte-fish-cakes.

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