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Sockeye Salmon Burgers Oceanwise WILD

Sockeye Salmon Burgers Oceanwise WILD

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These wild sockeye salmon burgers are Jam packed with protein and Omega 3's and an mediterannean flair.

Try our Italian inspired tomato, asiago cheese and basil, or, our Greek inspired feta cheese and spinach.


Alaskan sockeye salmon. Made in Richmond, BC.

113g (4oz) each. Frozen.

Sockeye Salmon Burgers

Spec: 113g (4oz) each. Frozen.

Sustainability: Oceanwise

Location: Alaska or FAO 67, British Columbia

Latin: Oncorhynchus nerka

Catch: Gill Net or Seine Net-Caught

Seasonality: June - September

Texture: Lean, firm texture with medium sized flakes and flesh

Flavor: Bold & Rich, Deep Taste to match the Deep Red flesh

Color: Orange to deep bright Red

What to do with it:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • BBQ
  • Sauté

Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Very rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil

Broad Nutrition Advice

Although most countries have their own fish consumption advisories and recommended consumption levels, eating at least two servings of ocean fish per week is generally considered part of a healthy diet.

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