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Halibut 'Mc' Nuggets Panko Breaded 227g (8oz)

Halibut 'Mc' Nuggets Panko Breaded 227g (8oz)

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If you're a fan of preparing quick, healthy meals for yourself or your little ones, our Panko-encrusted Halibut is a true winner. Delight your senses with this easy-to-prepare dish that's perfect for those busy weeknights or any occasion.

Our Halibut, often referred to as the "chicken of the sea," stands out as an incredibly mild and delectable fish. It's an excellent choice, especially if you're introducing seafood to skeptical palates.

Each fillet is meticulously prepared, lightly floured, delicately washed in an egg and milk bath, and then generously encrusted with golden Panko breadcrumbs. The result? A delectable dish that is bound to captivate your palate.

Just add some tartar sauce!



🌍 Origin: FAO 67, British Columbia

🐟 Species: Latin: Hippoglossus stenolepis

🎣 Harvest Method: Wild-caught

🌊 Seasonality: March to October

🍽️ Texture: Meaty, Firm and Lean

👃 FlavourExquisitely mild

⚪️ Colour: White

Versatile Cooking Options:

  • Baked / Roasted
  • Smoked / Cured
  • BBQ
  • Fried / Sauteed
  • Sous-Vide

Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Very rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil

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