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King Salmon from Vancouver Island Farmed ORGANIC

King Salmon from Vancouver Island Farmed ORGANIC

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Farmed sustainably in Clayquot Sound on Vancouver Island, Creative Salmon organic.

Sashimi Grade.

If not for the high price tag, this would be the most popular salmon by quantity. However due to its buttery moist composure, it is the most highly anticipated.

This is the highly prized salmon for Sport Fishermen and Culinary Wizards alike. It fetches the highest prices since its creates such a grand experience.

Canadian Spring Salmon is known as Chinook by the Natives and King Salmon by Americans. 


Spring Salmon

Location: Clayquot Sound, British Columbia

Latin: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Catch: Farmed

Seasonality: Year Round

Texture: Moderate with large flakes

Flavor: Moist and Buttery

Color: Pale Orange to deep orangey-red


What to do with it:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Grill
  • Poach
  • Sauté
  • Smoke
  • Cure
  • Sous-Vide
  • Steam
  • Sushi


Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Very rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil

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