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Mackerel Bone In (2 x 3oz) Fillets

Mackerel Bone In (2 x 3oz) Fillets

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This is a favorite of anyone who has tried it that has a pallet for fishy tasting fish. This is probably the fishiest fish there is.  Its so yummy, rich and flavourful. Good luck eating more than 1-2 fillets, your body will just say no due to all the oils. 

Did we mention that its extremely rich and flavourful.

Japanese cuisine marinates this and calls it Saba.

Norwegian Mackerel

Sustainability Rating: 

Location: Norway (processed in Vietnam)

LatinScomber scombrus

Catch: Wild

Seasonality: Year Round

Texture: Meaty

Color: White

Flavor: Buttery, Oily, Rich, Decadent, Rich Rich Rich. So rich.

Cooking Options:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Poach
  • Sauté
  • Sous-Vide
  • Steam

Fun & Helpful Tip:

This fish will impress! If you have a hot date or trying to win over the love of your life, choose this seabass, you can't go wrong, and your significant other will never look the other way again!

Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Very rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil

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