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Dover Sole Fillets British Columbia Oceanwise WILD

Dover Sole Fillets British Columbia Oceanwise WILD

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Wild. Fresh. Local.

From the Pacific west coast.

It most similarly resembles flounder.


Dover Sole

Sustainability: Oceanwise

LocationFAO 67, British Columbia, Canada


Catch: Wild, Bottom Trawl

Seasonality: Year Round

Texture: Delicate, light, thin and tender small flakes.

Flavor: Mild with a unique delicious taste.

Color: White

Cooking Options:

  • Baked
  • Broiled
  • Sautéed (typically with flour and/or breaded)

Fun & Helpful Tip:

Try making a roll of it. Stuff it with whatever your creative ingenuity comes up with. We make a pre-made roll with cream cheese emulsion, crab and shrimp. They're dynamite. Let the creative juices flow and let us know what you came up with!

Notable Nutritional Info

  • Good Source of Essential Amino Acids
  • High Protein per Serving
  • Rich in Omega 3’s & Fish Oil

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